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About J.I.

About J.I.

J.I. Cruz is an aspiring social entrepreneur from Puerto Rico who’s passionate about the natural world and how our society can improve its relationship to it.


J.I. currently lives in Puerto Rico, where he is the co-founder of ACEPR.org, a not-for-profit social enterprise and accelerator program that aims to provide Puerto Rican community leaders with the resources, financing, and know-how needed to establish renewable energy microgrid cooperatives across the island.

J.I. is also facilitating an environmental campaign within the faith-based sector to help 600 churches and faith-based institutions transition quickly and cheaply to resilient renewable energy infrastructure.

J.I. is also a program facilitator and strategist for iMatter Youth, an advocacy group that helps high school students design and run effective climate change action campaigns at the local level.

In the near future, J.I. hopes to complete his BS in Chemical Physics at American University, where he is a Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar. J.I. has also been named a Ricardo Salinas Scholar (Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program), an Aspen Ideas Festival Scholar, a Global MindED Scholar, and a T-Mobile / Ashoka Changemaker.

In the long-term, J.I. wishes to enter the solid waste industry, where he hopes to become a global expert on 21st Century solutions to the global solid waste crisis.

J.I. is also deeply passionate about journalism, new media, policy, and politics.

You can learn more about J.I.’s previous work by accessing his résumé or connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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